From a very young age, Gabrielle realized that her ticket out of poverty was education. Even during high school in the worst of circumstances, she reached out to teach French to elementary school children. Her passion for education has been evident her entire life. She has been a mentor/tutor at a middle school and has dedicated countless hours to improving education. Her passion is to bring educational opportunities to people who might not otherwise be reached- the homebound disabled, people living in poverty, and incarcerated youth.

Technology-Mediated Online Learning

We like to call it technology-mediated learning. Some people call it online learning, e-learning, distance learning, web-based learning, and more. The point is that technology is used as a tool, not as the solution, to deliver interactive instructional content that engages learners and provides opportunities for practice. Learning does not have to be solely online. In fact, many studies have shown that having blended learning, both online and in person, is a much more effective way of learning. With the advances in technology today, technology-mediated learning does not need to require an Internet connection; offline learning that synchronizes with online learning allows learners to learn anywhere and at any time.

One of the most critical things today is that learning opportunities need to be fully accessible, not only to people with disabilities but also to mobile devices. We use cutting edge technology to do so. Providers often try to sell solutions that are Flash-based, but Flash is not fully accessible. We use a combination of HTML5 and CSS to ensure complete accessibility to everyone.

Dr. Gabrielle K. Gabrielli has devoted her life to education. No matter what the solution, sharing knowledge and reaching people at their level is essential. We customize our learning solutions based on the needs of the organization and of its people. If you have been considering expanding your learning opportunities, connect with us to find out how we can help.

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