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Gabrielle earned her doctorate in Instructional Systems from Florida State University. Her clients in this area are not limited to K-12 and higher education. She often works with private industry as well as with nonprofits and local, state, and federal governments to design and develop instructional systems solutions. She works closely with content experts to deliver a variety of curricula on topics ranging from Soft Skills to HIV, AIDS, and Other Infectious Diseases to Leadership training and more.

Instructional Systems Design

Instructional Systems Design is a systematic approach to learning. Gabrielle Consulting is world renowned for our skills in instructional systems design and development. We first do a careful analysis of the learners and their motivations, as well as any constraints that may be in place. Next, we develop a plan. Once the plan is approved, we work carefully to design excellent learning objectives that are measurable and observable. Those objectives guide the learner on what is to be learned, and they also set the stage for the rest of the systematic process. The next step is to develop robust assessment items that accurately measure performance of learning objectives. Then we design the instructional content, always using motivational strategies to engage learners in the content and ensure that learning is active rather than passive. Finally, evaluation, both formative and summative, is essential to ensuring that learning is successful.

Many people deliver instructional content, but much of the content out there is not effective because it doesn't take a systematic approach to ensure that learning outcomes are measurable. What sets us apart is not only our attention to details in the systematic process, but also the customization of content and strong regard for what motivates learners.

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