Are you in marketing? No matter your answer, the correct response is, "yes." Every day, in every interaction we have, we are marketing ourselves. Each contact is a potential future boss or client. Think about that. What image do you convey to others?

Read Gabrielle's blog for Access Tallahassee on Marketing Yourself: Succeeding in Your Career and in Your Life, published October 2011.

Digital Marketing

Marketing has been one of our areas of expertise for over a decade. We don't just do digital marketing; we also believe in more traditional methods of marketing.

Digital marketing is one of our greatest areas of expertise, and this sets us apart from our competition. Our general approach to digital marketing is to first examine the competition, and then to design and develop a robust website. Next, we look at any Web 2.0 opportunities including via social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. Once the overall presence is examined and information analyzed, a systematic approach is implemented including writing effective metadata, creating an XML sitemap, and implementing other SEO tactics to ensure the best search engine optimization.

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