Free Resources to Enhance Your Website or Presentation

Free images, fonts, & other tools: - Microsoft's Design Gallery Live- great site for free copyright-
  cleared images, sounds, clip art, photos, movies, etc. - Smithsonian Institutionís amazing collection of photographs. - Incredible photo site from professionals and others. U.S. Army Signal Corps Collection of 3,500 photos. U.S. Army helicopter photos. - American Civil War photos. - NASA's digital image collection from all press releases. - NASA human spaceflight web. - Astronaut photography of the Earth from NASA. - Research aircraft photos from NASA. - NOAAs collection of over 20,000 images. Florida Photographic Collection- has over 850,000 photos, historic and otherwise, of Florida images that are copyright-free with attribution. - Free customizable graphics and animations. - Thousands of free photos for noncommercial use. - over 20,000 animations. - free online poll service (advertiser supported). - free online surveys, data collection, analysis (limited to 10 questions).
Free PowerPoint Viewer
If your computer doesnít have PowerPoint, but you would like to view PowerPoint slides,
  this is a great solution. 
Free templates and presentation resources: - Use clip art, templates, sound, or learn how to
  publish your presentation to the Internet. - This site has excellent PowerPoint presentations that are already
  "canned" on a variety of topics and are available at a reasonable cost.  Free download samples
  are available.
Most of these resources are free for educators and students (or for noncommercial use), though you can check each siteís specific information on copyright.  If you canít find the information on this or any other site, it is best to contact the developer for permission rather than to assume that it is copyright-cleared.  Also, with websites offering free resources, be aware that many rely heavily on advertising to keep their services free.  If you need assistance with this or other instructional technology, or if you have any resources youíd like to share, contact Gabrielle at
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